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Review by Zip Pantalo  March 15, 2005
updated 2009

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Custom Dynamics has one of the largest selections of custom vehicle lighting products we've seen in a long time!    While they carry a very large assortment of motorcycle lighting products and dress-up accessories,  many products carried work just as well on Cars, Trucks and possibly boat and ATV applications.

First and foremost,  we're not aware of any DOT approved LED or Neon lighting products.   The usual warning here is this is for off-road applications or to dress up your show-stopper competition bike or vehicle.   So if you are planning to used these products on the street, you are doing so by your own choice and not because you were told to by us!  With that said, we love what we did with our test bike brake lights!  It wasn't cheap, but it was still a bargain!

The products we tested today included a large Radiantz  tail/stop light cluster and two smaller circular clusters.     The larger cluster is made to replace the existing brake/tail light and it was supplied with a 1157 compatible connection which made installation as easy as changing a light.   The cluster is provided with 3m double stick tape and this is designed to stick on the base of the reflector.    We installed it exactly in this manner but decided to secure the cluster with a small dab of JB Weld in each corner where the cluster meets the reflector.  If you choose to do the same,  be sure not to use more than you can break apart later without destroying the cluster or reflector base.   Should you ever need to clean your 1157 socket (these lights will last a lifetime) you want to be able to get to it. 

For the side lights, we choose to use a pigtail type of connection rather than using a socketed connection.  In our tiny side lights, there was not enough depth to fit the small circular cluster.   Our sidelights were very poorly designed and the reflector inside was nothing more than a flat polished plate.   Our gripe with the aftermarket side lights was a lack of any  noticeable difference between the running light and brake light.  I guess they were made to be more of a decoration that an actual functional brake light. Now you know why DOT approval is important.  Our aftermarket running lights would have never met DOT specifications.  However, it was our hope that replacing the sub-sized 1157 bulb and useless reflector with the LED cluster would solve the problem.   Well,  our hopes were realized!  The 1.25" pigtail cluster did a fantastic job of illuminating the side light and thereafter our brake lights would shine bright an clear in a much safer capacity than the original aftermarket lights.   

To mount the pigtail LED cluster requires some thought.    We were at a loss for a while how to fix the cluster in position.  We thought about using clear resin epoxy to bond it to the lens but chose to take a different route.   We noticed right away how the LED's ran cool even when the brake light was applied.  It  occurred to us that we could pack insulation or any other fire resistant material into the side light housing and then just lay the cluster on it and close it all up with the lens.   This worked beautifully!  We didn't have to do any modifications and the clusters are solidly in place using insulation packing.   Because  of the method we used to mount the clusters, you can see the individual LED's but we didn't really care.   With the accessory lights out of the way we will move to the primary tail light and assembly.   The good news here is the results were nothing short of spectacular!   The deep seated cluster looks very uniform and there is no indication at all that LED's power this configuration.  What is noticeable is the nearly hypnotic beam of light broadcast clearly into the eyes of the motorist that might be in a position to hit you.   The result was better than we expected and we did expect a lot from this primary cluster of LED's. 

This brings us to the results of this LED conversion...  We are thrilled with the results.  Fortunately the designer of these clusters had a keen sense of just how bright they could be without being too bright.   With  todays modern ultra-bright LED's, we have reached the point that you can have too much brightness.  These LED clusters are capable of this brightness but fortunately Radiantz didn't go over the top.  We would like to congratulate the designer for knowing the difference between maximum desired brightness and insanely over-the-top hyper-brightness.   The designer did a perfect job in finding the perfect level of brake light.

We were going to provide before and after pictures.   However, our camera could not capture the dynamics of this difference.  So in a few words...  they are the brightest possible any sane man would want.   You can see them noticeably in most angles of your peripheral vision.   If someone behind you is playing with his/her cell phone and looking down at the keypad, we'd say you have a pretty fair chance of getting them to look up when you hit your brakes.   Of course, the brightest point is directly in the beam of the LED's which tend to be directional across the board.   There is less light to the sides but not less than the stock 1157 bulb in our eye's view.  Of course, your results could vary so part of your check up after install should be to examine the brake light from all angles to the back and sides of your motorcycle.

To the motorist behind you, the brake light appears to have a beam like quality that is sure to get attention.  You notice right away the brake light is different if not somewhat mystical in it's strange but nice glow that emits in a running light mode.  When the brake light is engaged, it's a pretty masculine brake light to say the least.  It's punchy and consistent to view.

We were hoping to find a brake light modification that would help the bike get noticed in running and braking situations and this combination did accomplish this goal very well!  

Congratulations to Custom Dynamics and Radiantz, the designer of these lights.  These lights offer the  perfect balance of excess when it comes to brake lighting.

Click the photo below to see a close-up of the install.

Custom Dynamics is a superstore of accessory lighting. The samples we've seen thus far are top quality!   The LED boards and clusters are USA made and the quality is noticeable.    We have seen LED clusters before from Taiwan, China and Korea.  The Samples from Custom Dynamics are superior in build quality! 
Custom Dynamics is a fairly new company organized in 2002, but you could easily belive they have been around for decades based on their web site and the very large selection of products.   Custom Dynamics   also appears to have first rate tech support and they appear to be very prompt in answering questions and returning phone calls.  We like this in a company and based on our current experience we give them a top rating!

From Custom Dynamics web site:
We have one of the largest selections of after market motorcycle lights in the world! Our LED products include tail lights, turn signals, light bars, headlights, modulators, load equalizers, strobe modules, brake light modulators, clear lenses, spider lights, bullet lights, LED replacement bulbs/clusters, LED license plate frames, LED illuminators, and much more. Our lights include Halogen, Neon, LED as well as incandescent bulbs. We are an authorized dealer and carry only the best products from Adjure, Biketronics, Clear Alternatives, Custom LED, Gregg's Customs, Kuryakyn, MBW Motorcycle Products, M.D. Wright, Muth, No-Magic Neon, Radiantz, and Signal Dynamics. This is the place for all your motorcycle lighting needs! We offer great service and low prices. We strive to keep a large inventory of products on hand, we have over 98% of all products in stock. If you have any questions regarding our products please feel free to e-mail us. Customize your motorcycle with Custom Dynamics High Intensity Motorcycle LED Lights!

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The LED lighting products from Custom Dynamics are top quality products.   These products do cost more than the cheap imported conuterparts.  But the build quality is classic and you can tell from the start the emphasis is on the product more so than the price.  We are very pleased with the results of our test and feel our test bike will shout "STOP" the very second the brakes are applied.  It is our intention to test more of Custom Dynamics products in the near future and you can bet that we'll look forward to it.

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