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Butt Buffer
Extra Comfort Seat Pad

The Butt Buffer -
Truly comfortable, no doubt about it!

As much as most motorcycle riders hate to admit it,  there is a limit to how long you can ride your motorcycle before becoming so physically worn and exhausted you are ready to stop.   Or should I say you are ready to keep riding but your body forces you to stop and get off the bike of yours.  
The fact is simple,  it doesn't matter how comfortable your seat is, it just isn't comfortable enough!  I've tried Custom Seats, Gel Seats, Wide Seats, Long Seats, but none of them seem to extend my riding comfort more than an hour at most!    That isn't the case with the Butt Buffer.    I can't tell you how long I could sit on it because frankly something else get's me off the bike too soon.   Maybe it's my posture.  Maybe it's how I keep the "death grip of my tired old hands on the handle grips.  Maybe it's just me in general in this tired worn body, but there is one thing that it isn't...   It's not the seat comfort!   The Butt Buffer does a remarkable job of turning an ordinary motorcycle seat into a long ride support system.

This is why I was excited to have the opportunity to test ride the Butt Buffer seat pad.  Could it be that something placed between the seat and the buttocks could possibly match the comfort quest of your derrière.  The rear parts - so to speak - are quite an important component of a long and comfortable ride.  If your butt isn't happy, you are not happy and that is the plain truth about it!    The ButtBuffer is your first line of defense against a sore butt!  Belive me it work and it works quite well.

The ButtBuffer is a well designed and effictevly  shaped seat pad that straps to your existing seat on the edges with soft curved clips built into a tensioning type strap.    The straps are expandable and adjustable and the friction based bottom material on the ButtBuffer does a real good job of keeping the pad in the position you place it.  My pad rarely moves and this is after dozens of mounts, rides, and dismounts.

The seat pad is filled with a polymer based material that feels like a cross between Jel and a good Memory Foam pad but it performs better than any simililar products I've tested.   From what I understand, great effort is put into making a comfort seat pad accessory relatively thin yet still performs as if it't relatively thick.  The Butt Buffer accomplishes this.

I received samples of both a large and medium butt buffer -- one for the front seat and one for the passenger seat.  I tested it on a 2002 Suzuki Volusia wich is a typical looking cruiser type bike with a wide and comfortable looking padded seat.    As far as seats go, it's not a bad seat but I think it was made for folks with short legs because my 5'10" body just never quite could get far enough back on the seat for true leg comfort.    One day I took the extra pad and removed it from the passenger seat and double stacked it on my seat.  The two pads together were just the right thickness to elevate me above the edge ridge of the back of the Suzuki seat and i gained enough seat area to move back another 3 or so inches and wow did it ever change the whole feel of my bike.   While you don't need two pads for comfort, consider two pads if you are in a similar situation and find you run out of seat before you can sit far enough back on your bike.  It seems that many of the import brand cruisers are built for slightly shorter people and if the same holds true with Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda, a double dose of Butt Buffer could change the comfort and feel of many bikes.   My bike feels like a completely different - and better - machine with the Butt Buffer.

Overall, the Butt Buffer isn't a garden variety cheap seat pad.  It's truly a high tech product and is easily worth every penny it will cost you.

I recommend the Butt Buffer to all motorcycle riders.  No matter how confortable you think your seat might be,  it can only get better with one of these!


Riding with the Butt Buffer:

It was a long and hot July Day,  Everything I owned was either sweating or sticking as  I found my way south on route 58 through the eastern shore of North Carolina.  Boy do they make the sun hot down there!

I remember everything on that ride,  it was like a pleasure cruise through the fire of hell on that concrete pavement, but I was OK.   I enjoyed it.    As strange as it may sound,   my bike was comfortable in spite of the dire weather and the hair dryer breeze hitting me in the face.    I was on my Butt Buffer and it leveled out the whole experience for me.    It's kind of funny...  how much you can take in physical adversity when you are comfortable.   Now I'm not going to pretend that I didn't celebrate at the first opportunity to visit any watering hole and feel the breeze of artificially cold arctic air hit me in the face and chill my brow, but only for as long as it took to recover for more ride.  

Riding with a Butt Buffer changes the character of your overall ride.   You are slightly elevated giving a noticeable extension in leg room.   You lose most of the bottom vibration felt in your normal seat, and it gives you a glide quality in how the bike rides and feels.   

Of all the accessories I've ever bought for my bike,  I have to say the Butt Buffer is among the most rewarding.  It simply improves an already wonderful sensation of all,  riding that bike of yours!  

Bill Aggie