Product testing labs (PTL) is an independent and informal product review clearing house and web site featuring reviews and evaluations provided by independent authors.   PTL strives to offer updated information on popular products of interest to the general public.

PTL does not test products for safety, conformity, reliability or suitability for purpose, and we make no warranties, expressed or implied about the product or suitability for purpose
.  Reviews are subjective and represent only the opinion of the author.  You must make your own decision about the suitability and safety of the product for your purpose.   There may be other opposing views on the products herein from other review sources that may be more informative or more technically correct than those contained herein.

The articles herein may be available for syndication.  No part of any article may be reproduced or quoted in any way without the expressed written consent of the author  or PTL.   Some articles are available for print publishing.   You may reference our material and provide links to our material, but you may not reproduce any part of any review without our expressed written agreement.

PTL does not publish negative reviews for any product or service.    Reviews that reflect less than a rating of 5 are considered unacceptable and simply are not published or released.   Such reviews are simply abandoned in favor of worthwhile product reports.   Any product review published by PTL would be determined by the author to be a viable product worthy of your research and possible purchase.

Please contact us if you would like to syndicate or reprint any article herein. We are happy to consider your product or service for review provided it is available nationally.   There is no fee for review if we agree to review the product or service.   Should we find your product or service unacceptable,  the review will not be completed and no report will be compiled. 

We accept many types of products and articles for review providing that such review does not require a certification or require comparison to other similar products in order to reach a conclusion as to the suitability of the product.  We do not compare products against other products but evaluate each product on it's individual merit and purpose.

Product types we review are as follows:

Consumer Electronics
Motorcycling Goods
Automotive Goods
Recreational Items
Audio/Video components and accessories
Boating accessories and equipment
Computer and computer accessories but not raw components such as motherboards or memory.
Cellular Accessories
Appliances and Kitchen Accessories
Consumer Software

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